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PowerUSB|Portable| 4-Port USB Bank with Interchangeable plug hook


    IEC connector

    At the back an IEC connector is provided, making it easy toconnect a standard computer/printer cable of the length you prefer, or use itwith one of our travel plugs for direct wall charging.


    Fast charging
    The PowerUSB |HUB| and PowerUSB|Portable| can be plugged intoa wall socket, enabling you to charge all your mobile devices even faster.


    The PowerUSB |HUB| and PowerUSB|Portable|are compatible withall our other products, enabling you to create a tailored solution.


    No loose cables
    A cable fix is integrated into the corners of the PowerUSB|HUB| and PowerUSB|Portable|, making sure that your cables do not entangle.


    Internal battery
    The PowerUSB|Portable| also features a built-in 5000 mAhbattery, enabling you to charge your mobile devices on the go.


    Battery indicator
    The PowerUSB|Portable| features a battery indicator, so you can check how muchcharge is left.